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Our Abay

Our Abay

   The Abay state historical-cultural and literary-memorial museum in Semey

Abay museum in Semey

It was opened on December 16, 1940 in Semipalatinsk (now Semey, East Kazakhstan region) for the great Abay's 95th anniversary. The Abay's era was recreated in 7 museum halls, where archive documents, Abay's autographs, photos and books, as well as the handwritten heritage of poets, followers of Abay, are exhibited.
The museum's life is full of events and names, its history is inextricably linked with such outstanding scientists as Mukhtar Auezov, Kayum Mukhamedkhanov, and Token Ibragimov.
In 1990, the Abay reserve-museum was renamed to the State historical-cultural, literary-memorial reserve-museum of Abay "Zhydebay-Borili


muzey-usadba Abaya


The State historical-cultural and literary-memorial reserve-museum of Abay

It includes the estate complex of Abay Kunanbayev and the "Abay-Shakarim" memorial complex. In 1945, for the 100th anniversary of Abay, the winter quarters in Zhydebai were reorganized into a house-museum. It was completely restored for the 125th anniversary of Abay and supplemented with literary exhibitions for the 150th anniversary of the poet. The exposition of the house-museum is located in 5 rooms and 2 corridors.
In 1995, the Abay-Shakarim memorial complex was opened. Architects - B. Ibraev, S. Agytaev, L.Karpykov, designer - T.Yerzhigitov, artist - K.Altynbekov. The concept of the memorial is based on traditional cosmogonic representations of the Kazakhs, which most fully and capaciously express their perception of the world.