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Our Abay



The monument to Abay (Nur-Sultan).

The pedestal is made in the form of a stretch of steppe road, along which a 3.5-meter bronze Abay goes up. He holds a book in his hand, gazing thoughtfully ahead, as if contemplating his path and path of his people.

The authors of the monument are sculptor Tokhtar Yermekov and architect NurbekAizhanov.

Opening date: June 10, 2000


The monument to Abay (Nur-Sultan).

It is installed near the Central square in the old part of the city. Abay stands on a 7-meter pedestal. The height of the statue itself is 7.5 meters.

The author of the project is a sculptor from Almaty Bolat Doszhanov.

Opening date: June 19, 2010

Бюст Абаю - Аlmaty

The bust of Abai (Almaty)

The monument was erected in the "Gulder" public garden, near the building of the Zhetysu district akimat (city administration), in honor of the 175th anniversary of the poet.

The author - sculptor Tleuberdy Binashev.


The monument to Abai (Almaty)

It is installed in front of the Palace of the Republic inAbay square. The monument is cast in bronze. The total height of the monument is 13.7 m.

The author is the sculptor Khakimzhan Nauryzbayev. The project of the pedestal in trapezoidal shape, made of red granite, belongs to the great architect I. I. Belotserkovsky.

Opening date: 1960

Abay metro stantion Almaty

Bas-relief at the metro station "Abay" (Almaty).

Abay station was opened on December 1, 2011. At the end of the platform, there is an art panel made in the technique of relief in bronze and "Florentine mosaic". The composition was made in a modern style in order to create harmony with the architecture. The bronze relief of Abay stands out against a stone background, where poems and words of edification are written, towering over the modern city, thereby emphasizing the relevance and necessity of Abay in the modern world.

 kaznpu almaty

Bust of AbayKunanbayev (Almaty).

It is located at the entrance to the main building of the Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University.


Monument to Abay (Shymkent)

 Памятник Абая, Усть-Каменогорск

Monument to Abay (Oskemen).

It is installed in the Republic square of the city. The height of the monument, depicting Abay in full growth, reaches 5 meters 40 cm. Steps and pedestal-7 meters 80 cm. The total height of the monument is 13 meters 20 cm. The weight of the bronze figure – 5 tons.
The Abay’s sculpture was made by the regional organization of the Union of artistsof the Republic of Kazakhstan in Karaganda.

The authors are sculptors Esken Sergebaev and Bakitzhan Abishev.

Opening date: August 29, 2009


Monument to Abay (Semey).

It is installed in the Abay square. The following words of Abayare carved on the pedestal: "Can we call a person dead, if he left a legacy of the immortal words’ wisdom. Made of stone.

The authors - sculptor D. G. Elbakidze, architect – V. A. Shingarev.

Opening date: 1972

 zhidebay Monument at the entrance to the Abay Museum (Zhidebay village, Abay district, East Kazakhstan region).

Memoral-monument to Abay (Karaul village, Abay district, East Kazakhstan region).

It is installed in the Central square, in front of the building of akimat (city administration).
Made in 1971.

kokpektinskii raion

Monument to Abay (Samara village, Kokpekty district, East Kazakhstan region)

It is installed in the AbayKunanbayev square. The height of the monument itself is 4 meters, and the pedestal on which it is installed is 3 meters.

The author is sculptor Alibek Shokanov.

Opening date: August 23, 2019


Monument to KunanbayOskenbayuly (Uskenbayuly) and Abay (Karkaralinsk, Karaganda region)

The monument was erected near the mosque. It was built in 1851 by KunanbayUskenbayuly, the senior Sultan of Karkaralinskcounty.
The composition is made of copper, the height is more than 4 meters.

The author of the sculptural composition is Saken Dauletbayev. According to his plan, the monument reflects the moment when father meets the young Abay, returning home from the madrasa.

Opening date: May 29, 2019

Памятник Зере-апай (бабушки Абая)

Памятник бабушке Абая – Зере-апай (с. Калбатау, Восточно-Казахстанская область)

Скульптор - Ернис Татиев

Дата открытия: 30 августа 2016


Monument to Abay (Taraz).

The monument in the center of Taraz is a gift from East Kazakhstan residents for the 550th anniversary of Kazakh khanate and the 170th anniversary of the great poet and educator Abay Kunanbayev.
Height – 6.6 m.

The sculptor is Yevgeny Irdanovich Gaisin.

 taraz  Obelisk of AbayKunanbayev (Taraz).
Памятник Абая, г.Уральск

The monument to Abai (Oral).

It is installed in the Central square of the city. Made of granite material and raised on a pedestal made in classic style.

Author: sculptor, member of the Union of artistsof the Republic of Kazakhstan Nurlan Dalbay from Almaty.

Opening date: August 27, 2002

 Бюст Абая, г.Уральск

Bust of Abay (Uralsk)

Installed near West Kazakhstan State University. M. Utemisova


 karagandy abai

Monument to Abay (Karaganda).

It is installed in the public garden of the concert hall "Shalkyma". The monument was cast in the art and production plant of the Karaganda regional organization of the Union of artists of Kazakhstan.

Material: bronze, granite.The total height of the monument is 9.9 m.

The authors are sculptor A. Nartov and artist E. Sakiev.

Opening date: December 2008

 gorod Abay Karagandinskaya obl  The monument to Abay (Abay, Karaganda region).
shahtinsk The monument to Abay (Shakhtinsk, Karaganda region).
monument Baykonur Monument to AbayKunanbayev (Baikonur, Kyzylorda region)

The monument to Abay (Aktau)

It is installed in front of the building of the cultural and leisure complex named after Abay. The height of the monument is five meters, the width of the sides is 3.3 and 3.6 meters.

The author of the monument is the sculptor Bagdaulet Erkinbekov.

Opening date: December 15, 2018


Monument to Abayand Pushkin (Petropavlovsk).

The monument to Kazakh educator Abay Kunanbayev and Russian poet Alexander Pushkin was opened in 2006. That year was declared the year of Pushkin in Kazakhstan, and the year of Abay in Russia. The Pushkin-Abay composition symbolizes the friendship between two peoples. Two-figure composition of Abay and Pushkin, connected by a 5.2 meters high symbolic tree of life, which seems to divide the epochs of their works and at the same time unites them as a symbol of eternity.

Authors: sculptor K. Satybaldin, architects S. Baimagambetov and V. Zatay.

Памятник Абаю, г. степногорск

Monument to Abai (Stepnagorsk)

Opening Date: 1979


Monument to Abay (Moscow, Russian Federation).

It is installed near the Kazakhstan Embassy. Authors: sculptor Marat Ainekov, designer Timur Suleimenov, artist Eduard Drobitsky, architect Vyacheslav Romanenko.

Address: 12C1 Chistoprudnyi Boulevard.

Date of construction: 2006

 tashkent posolstvo

Monument to Abay (Tashkent, Republic of Uzbekistan).

The monument and the building of the new Embassy of the Republic of Kazakhstan in Tashkent were opened by Presidents NursultanNazarbayev and Islam Karimov.

The total height of the monument is 9.2 meters, and the full-length statue of Abay is 4.15 meters.

The authors of the monument to Abay are the famous Kazakh sculptor Nurlan Dalbay and the architect Rasul Satybaldiev.
Opening date: June 15, 2013

 abay budapest Monument to Abay (Budapest, Hungary).

A bust of the poet was installed on Astana street in Budapest. The event was held as part of the official visit of the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kazakhstan Karim Massimov to Hungary.

The delegation included representatives of East Kazakhstan region. The bust is made of bronze, its height is 1070 mm, width - 900 mm, depth - 590 mm.

Opening date: June 2014


Abay monument (Beijing, People's Republic of China).

It is installed in the center of Chinese capital in Chaoyang Park.

The author is a sculptor Yuan Shikun.

Opening date: March 19, 2014

bust tegeran

Bust of Abay (Tehran, Islamic Republic of Iran).

It is installed on the main avenue at the entrance to the National library.

Opening date: October 15, 2007

 Abai azerbaizhan

Bust of Abay (Baku , Azerbaijan)

Abay Kunanbayev Center opened at Baku State University, where a bust of the great thinker was installed

Opening date: 2011

Памятная доска с барельефом Абая

Commemorative plaque with a bas-relief of Abay (Baku, Azerbaijan)

Opening date: 2011

Памятник Абаю г. Рен, Франция

Monument to Abay (Rennes, France)

The bust is set in the center of Ren, in a picturesque park called “Almaty”.

Opening Date: October 14, 2016

 Бюст Абая, Каир
Bust of Abai (Cairo, Egypt)

The bust was installed in one of the most beautiful central parks in Cairo - the “Freedom and Friendship” park with the support of the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Egypt (October 13, 2016)